Best Hotels to Stay in Turquoise Coast, Turkey

Posted on 05 July 2020 (0)

Just as the name says, Turquoise Coast in Turkey definitely has the perfect color of its waters. While Turquoise Coast is a beautiful country staying in a good hotel plays an important role in having an awesome vacation.  So we have listed some of the best hotels that you can stay when visiting Turquoise Coast.

Hotel Villa Turka

Hotel Villa Turka is a fabulous hotel located at the most scenic locations on Turkey’s Mediterranean shores.  It offers a unique accommodation and awesome experience for its guests. We love the hotel’s comfortable rooms and wonderful home-cooking experience. The views are superb – who wouldn’t love this hotel at all?

Courtyard Hotel Kalkan

Courtyard Hotel Kalkan is a fashionable boutique hotel located at a former Greek fishing village. What made us love this hotel are the stylish and creative interiors that ultimately captured our hearts. The dishes are sumptuous and the staff are very kind and courteous. This hotel is also very historic and the impromptu rooftop barbecues make it even more lovable.

Hotel Villa Mahal

Hotel Villa Mahal is one of the best boutique hotels in Turquoise Bay that offers an irresistible view of the Mediterranean Sea. There are rooms with a balcony where you can breathe fresh air while taking advantage of the wonderful view. It is the ideal place for a relaxing romantic break or honeymoon. You can also see the view of the mountainous hinterland of Lycia from the hotel.

D-Maris Bay

D-Maris Bay has the most fabulous setting in Turquoise Bay with an amazing view of the coast. It has a huge pool where everyone feeling burned-out can take a cold dip. The waters are very refreshing and the view is extremely mesmerizing. This hotel is a perfect getaway if you want to take a break from the hustle-bustle of your busy life. It makes you forget about time and just savor the awesome services and sumptuous food they offer.

 Degirmen (The Windmill)

Those in search for a rustic accomodation can pay homage at Degirmen. The hotel is a great place for people who prefer taking refuge in the mountains than roasting on a beach. It offers stunning view of the mountains, a rustic setting, and a Turkish restaurant. We absolutely love this hotel!

Safety Tips When You Are Touring Acapulco

Posted on 27 February 2020 (0)

Acapulco is one of the favorite summer destinations of Mexican vacationers. Who doesn’t love this country? Several years after it has fallen from being a beach-destination grace, we have seen how this city is swiftly reviving. So if you are planning to visit this gem in Mexico make sure you follow these tips.

  1. The best times to visit Acapulco are April, May, October and November. The weather during these months is sunny making it very good to tour around the place or soak in its tempting white beaches.
  2. When booking a hotel, pay attention to the ratings and the things it can offer to you. Just a friendly warning, the classification of hotels in the city does not fully concur with the European standards.
  3. Be extra careful when touring around public places. Do not bring valuables as they can easily be lost. Be warned of pickpockets in markets, shopping centres, and public transports.
  4. Acapulco has been a hotspot for several high-profile shootings related to the ongoing drug battle between drug cartels and police authorities. While the tourist zones are safe, it is always wise to stay vigilant.
  5. Most of the power supply voltage in hotels around Acapulco is only up to 110V. Make sure you check your appliances if they are compatible to avoid short circuits and accidents.
  6. While the beaches in Acapulco are quite tempting this place has been known for its turbulent water. Avoid the rough surf at Playa Revolcadero and beware of rip currents. It is better to stick to the beaches in front of the hotels along the Costera since most of the beaches here have lifeguards.
  7. Make sure you purchase a special LADATEL card if you want to make international phone calls. You can use it in many phone booths around the city thereby helping you save money. 


Check out Serengeti, Tanzania!

Posted on 08 October 2019 (0)

Would you like to visit Serengeti? Don’t have an idea about what to do? Well, let’s see what it can offer you. There are many attractions in Serengeti Park, Tanzania which include the following:

The Wildlife

Serengeti National Park is a park that is well gifted by nature as well as its amazing attraction is wild animals. One of the most effective attractions in Serengeti National Park is the large mammals. Serengeti possibly practices the highest possible focus of big mammals on the planet, chances are you will certainly more than likely to spots giraffes, elephants, lions, wildebeests, zebras, antelopes, therefore, a lot more.

Bird Varieties

The 500 or even more types of birds that call this place home, are an additional sight to behold. Serengeti Park Tanzania not only caters to the animal enthusiast however likewise the twitcher with species like the secretary bird, ostriches, flamingos, eagles therefore much more.

The Wildebeest Migration

The wildebeest migration has been explained in a lot of ways by many individuals but most importantly, it is among the 7 wonders of the world. This yearly trip of over 1 million wildebeests, zebras, as well as various other animals can just be a fantastic experience in the Serengeti National Park.

Olduvai Gorge

The Olduvai Gorge is another famous attraction that is significant as well as is located in the Serengeti National Park. The Olduvai Gorge is where the earliest remains of very early man were dug from about a million years back by Dr. Louis leakey the famous East Africa excavator, this discovery transformed the understanding of the development of man.

Moru Kopjes

The even more Kopjes spread around the Serengeti are an excellent place to catch the black rhinos. These sticking out rocks around the park deal color as well as camouflage for the many animals and predators.

Retina Hippo Pool

The retina hippo pool where you certainly find huge schools hippos dipping in this swimming pool. They are many that ever so often fight to break up.

Grumeti River

The Grumeti River is a fantastic place specifically during the wildebeest movement, the website is magnificent as numerous beasts attempt to cross the river to Masai Mara the river is plagued by lots of crocodiles and also it is survival for the fittest as the animals try to make it across. Occasionally it is all serene and calm as animals simply take a sip of water from the financial institutions. It is a spectacular attraction.

Seronera River Valley

The Seronera River Valley is one more tourist attraction that gives postcard best views of the Serengeti. The whole area, surrounding the river, is overflowing with unique vegetation and also animals. This valley is a summary of the entire Serengeti- there are rivers, canyons, mountains, and the pets.


Have a Blast at Disney Land

Posted on 15 March 2019 (0)

It’s possible for the crying children, overwhelming crowds and aching feet to come between you and all the things you hope to do in Disneyland. Thanks to us, we’ve gathered some essential Disneyland tips to ensure that your visit to “the happiest place on earth.” lives up to its tagline.

Make plans prior to your visit

We aren’t saying you should plan your day to the last minute, but we want you to know there are more than fifty attractions between the two theme parks excluding shops, shops and restaurants. So, what we suggest is that you add a little bit of structure to your day.

Dress comfortably

A trip to Disneyland isn’t a fashion show. Get a pair of comfortable shoes that you won’t hate yourself for wearing in less than two hours. There is a chance of having a cool weather in the morning and after dark; carry a sweatshirt around, for the scorching afternoon sun, wear a sunhat and sunglasses,  regret eight hours later.

Pace yourself

If you plan to stay from opening staying from opening until closing, you should know Disneyland can be an exhausting 12-plus hour day. In between finding empty rides in the morning and navigating through the crowds at the end of the day, you should try to slow things down in the afternoon.

Timing is important

Here are some helpful tips for a good timing:

  • Arrive early: Lines are always short in the morning.
  • If you can stay awake for few hours more, the late showings of Fantasmic and World of Color are always less crowded.
  • Fantasyland can be way too crowded in the afternoon. If you arrive in the morning, you’ll find the shortest waits. Alternatively, you can go during a daytime parade.
  • Virtually everything is less crowded during the fireworks, excluding Fantasyland and Toon Town because they close during the show.
  • If you’re tall or not so bothered about finding the perfect spot, you shouldn’t waste more than twenty minutes lining up for a parade or Disneyland fireworks.


Vacation to Cabo San Lucas

Posted on 22 September 2018 (0)

A Tourist Guide to Cabo San Lucas

Whether you’re looking for experiencing a pleasant getaway alone, as a couple or with family – Cabo San Lucas is an ideal holiday destination to take a break for a few days or for a long week. With so many things to do during the day and many to enjoy the evening – it might get difficult for you what to pick and what to not. So here we thought to provide you with a complete tourist guide-

Try Several Watersports Activities at Medano Beach

Always wanted to try your hand at jet skiing? Wish to fly high on a parasail? Fancy taking a stroll on the kayak? All these things can be done at Medano Beach. Nestled within close proximity to the center of the town, this beach is an ideal place for adventure enthusiasts and also boasts a wide range of beachfront restaurants and bars where you relax after a long day of exploration.  

Enjoy a Day Trip to San Jose Del Cabo

San Jose Del Cabo – also known as a quiet and peaceful area in the neighborhood of Cabo San Lucas – offers a more laid-back atmosphere to escape and unwind away from the hustle-bustle of daily routine. Scattered with white sand and outstripped by volcanic sounds, San Jose Del Cabo is also a home to a beautiful church, fine-dining restaurants, shopping streets and an excellent historic center. You can enjoy a day trip to explore everything about the Baja Peninsula and know more about the local way of life.

Overlook the Sunset at Mango on the Beach

There is nothing like watching a romantic sunset view with your loved ones, right? Well, many people dream about it and only a few of them get to experience the same. Cabo San Lucas has several restaurants and bars that are settled alongside the coastline of the beach and offer an undisturbed magnificent view. To get away from the crowd and spend some quality time alone, you can visit Mango on the Beach to chill out in a modern, stylish and chic atmosphere.

Don’t forget to taste Tequila

You’re in Mexico and how could you forget about it? It’s a city where you’ll find tequila at every corner! Yes, it’s good, it’s cost-effective and most of the time you can get it free for tasting. What else you want? Just grab it from wherever you find and be sure to take it home with you – to cherish your time forever and ever.

Experience the Vibrant Nightlife at El Squid Roe

Get ready to add a bit of more excitement in some moonlight action at El Squid Roe – a place, located at the heart of Cabo San Lucas, where you can dance the evening away to the latest DJ hits, sink into the sofa with a refreshing cocktail in your hand or simply choose to enjoy the live entertainment.

Take the advantage of all these things in Cabo San Lucas and you’ll undoubtedly return without any regrets!