Vacation to Cabo San Lucas

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A Tourist Guide to Cabo San Lucas

Whether you’re looking for experiencing a pleasant getaway alone, as a couple or with family – Cabo San Lucas is an ideal holiday destination to take a break for a few days or for a long week. With so many things to do during the day and many to enjoy the evening – it might get difficult for you what to pick and what to not. So here we thought to provide you with a complete tourist guide-


Try Several Watersports Activities at Medano Beach

Always wanted to try your hand at jet skiing? Wish to fly high on a parasail? Fancy taking a stroll on the kayak? All these things can be done at Medano Beach. Nestled within close proximity to the center of the town, this beach is an ideal place for adventure enthusiasts and also boasts a wide range of beachfront restaurants and bars where you relax after a long day of exploration.  




Enjoy a Day Trip to San Jose Del Cabo

San Jose Del Cabo – also known as a quiet and peaceful area in the neighborhood of Cabo San Lucas – offers a more laid-back atmosphere to escape and unwind away from the hustle-bustle of daily routine. Scattered with white sand and outstripped by volcanic sounds, San Jose Del Cabo is also a home to a beautiful church, fine-dining restaurants, shopping streets and an excellent historic center. You can enjoy a day trip to explore everything about the Baja Peninsula and know more about the local way of life.


Overlook the Sunset at Mango on the Beach

There is nothing like watching a romantic sunset view with your loved ones, right? Well, many people dream about it and only a few of them get to experience the same. Cabo San Lucas has several restaurants and bars that are settled alongside the coastline of the beach and offer an undisturbed magnificent view. To get away from the crowd and spend some quality time alone, you can visit Mango on the Beach to chill out in a modern, stylish and chic atmosphere.


Don’t forget to taste Tequila

You’re in Mexico and how could you forget about it? It’s a city where you’ll find tequila at every corner! Yes, it’s good, it’s cost-effective and most of the time you can get it free for tasting. What else you want? Just grab it from wherever you find and be sure to take it home with you – to cherish your time forever and ever.


Experience the Vibrant Nightlife at El Squid Roe

Get ready to add a bit of more excitement in some moonlight action at El Squid Roe – a place, located at the heart of Cabo San Lucas, where you can dance the evening away to the latest DJ hits, sink into the sofa with a refreshing cocktail in your hand or simply choose to enjoy the live entertainment.


Take the advantage of all these things in Cabo San Lucas and you’ll undoubtedly return without any regrets!

Thailand is Beautiful

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Thailand is one of the most visited tourist places in South East Asia. Thailand is best known for its energetic nightlife, exotic beaches, beautiful temples, waterfalls & much more. Whether you are planning a trip to Thailand with friends or family the country has a lot to offer for travelers of different age groups.

It would take a couple of months to explore all the beautiful attractions & hot places of Thailand, so we have covered some of the best most visited tourist places and things to do in Thailand. With our list, you can explore all the popular tourist attractions.


5 Best Places to Visit in Thailand

The Grand Palace, Bangkok – A visit to Thailand is not complete without paying a visit to the Grand Palace of Bangkok. Located in the old city of Bangkok on the banks of the Chao Phraya waterway The Grand Palace is one of the must-visit tourist attraction of Thailand. It offers a pleasant setting, flawless to take amazing photos. The celebrated fascination in the region is the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, which is located to one side when you enter from the primary Visetchaisri Gate. The Visiting hours to The Grand Palace is daily from 8:30 am to 4.30 pm & the entrance ticket is around US$16!


Phuket – Phuket is Thailand’s most popular tourist spot famous for clear water beaches, cheap accommodation, islands and many more. Phuket additionally famous for its energetic nightlife, which incorporates loads of bars, men’s club shows, and music. If you want to relax on the beach side, then this location is perfect for you. The popular spots of Phuket are Koh Phi Phi, Phang Nga Bay, and Patong Beach. You can also enjoy the Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Windsurfing & more activities here.


Pattaya – A visit to Pattaya is must discover the beaches beside the bay of Thailand. If you are visiting Thailand with your friends, then Pattaya has lots to offer, including tons of bars and strip clubs but if you are not a party lover or traveling with family you’ll still find a number of things to do and see. There are a number of water sports and seaside massages are available at Jomtien Beach.


Chaing Rai or A White Temple – The White Temple is the most beautiful temple you have ever seen.  The architecture and design of this breathtaking temple were created by Thai national artist Ajarn Chalermchai Kositpipat. A visit to Chiang Rai White Temple or Wat Rong Khun is a must. The White temple is located 15 kilometers Southwest f Chiang Rai town and transports are easily available. The temple is open from 6:30 AM to 6 PM and the entry ticket to the temple is around 50 Baht. The photography outside the temple is allowed, but you are not allowed to take photographs inside the temple.


Sukhothai Historical Park – If you’re looking for an authentic Thai culture and are wanting a knowledge of Thailand’s interesting history, visit the magnificent and remarkable Sukhothai Historical Park. Sukhothai Park is one of Thailand’s most fascinating world heritage sites, it is divided into 5 zones, Northern Zone, Central zone, Eastern zone, Southern & Western zone. The best way to explore the ruins is through a rented bicycle.


5 Best Things to do in a Thailand

There are plenty of things to do in Thailand. We have shortlisted the 5 best things to do in Thailand for every age of traveler. Have a look below and see what sparks your interest-

  • Eating Thai Street Food
  • Enjoy Vibrant Nightlife in Phuket
  • Bamboo Rafting in Chaing Mai
  • Rock Climbing in a Railay
  • Cheap Shopping in Chaing Mai



With our 5 best places to visit and things to do in Thailand is enough to plan your trip. So what do you think? Are you all set to pack your bags for your first vacation to Thailand?

Visit Germany Any Time of Year

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Hello! So, you’ve made your travel plans for your vacation in Germany, but do you have all you need to pack for this vacation? Because you’ll most likely kick yourself if you find out you didn’t pack what you’re supposed to.

This piece will be giving you a guide on the most important items to pack for your vacation. It goes without saying that you need to pack basic items like underwear, socks, and t-shirts.  The weather in Germany is subject to change as the year goes on. Also, it is important to make plans to do laundry to minimize the items you are carrying along.

If you’ll be spending your vacation in the cosmopolitan cities in Germany, then you need to include one or two collared shirts or a nice blouse; just in case you need to go out. Try as much as possible to add just a pair of shoe or two pairs at most; one for countryside adventures and the other for urban walking. We visited all of the major cities in a 10 day vacation, while celebrating our 10th year of being in business.  We own a small towing company in Yuma, Arizona ( and we finally were able to save enough money to take our dream vacation to Bavaria.

You don’t have to stuff your traveling bag with so many toiletries if you are not product specific, since you can purchase anything you want there, but if you’re product specific and you are skeptical about not going with your toiletries, then you can pack them along.


What to Pack to Germany in winter

The weather in Germany gets super-cold in winter. The solution to this is to pack for a cold weather journey so as to keep yourself warm. Some of the essential items to pack include: winter scarf, warm boots (non-slip soles), long sleeve shirts, hat that will cover your ears, waterproof and windproof coats, t-shirts (needed for layering), ¾ length shirt, sweater or cardigan, wool socks, pants or jeans, and long johns because you’ll need some warmth if you’ll be skiing or snowshoeing.


What to Pack to Germany in spring

You should expect snows and rain if you’ll be going to Germany in the spring. Some of the most important items you’ll need include: a windproof and waterproof jacket, t-shirts (needed for layering), long sleeve shirts, scarf, pants or jeans, a cardigan or sweater, comfortable waterproof shoes or boots, shorts, and a foldable umbrella.


What to Pack to Germany in summer

You should expect a cool summer in Germany as the temperature hardly rises beyond 82 degrees Fahrenheit. The weather in the summer is perfect enough for idling the riverwalk in Mainz or strolling to Checkpoint Charlie. The summer rain only lasts for a maximum of two hours. Summer calls for the following items: shorts, maxi dress to keep your body cool enough, a foldable umbrella, sunglasses, a comfortable pair of shoes, t-shirts, a long sleeve shirt when the cool night comes, sunscreen, a scarf to ward off the moist breeze, and a water bottle.


What to Pack to Germany in autumn

The temperature during the autumn weather seldom rises above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, this makes the day warm enough to keep you comfortable day and night. Be prepared to encounter rain and sun, so you should pack the following: pants or jeans, comfortable walking shoes, a scarf for cool days, a foldable umbrella, long sleeve shirts, t-shirts, a lightweight sweater or cardigan, a camera to capture the autumn leaves, and a warmer jacket.


Any time of year is a great time to visit Germany.



Is Rome a place that is great to visit?

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Rome. A history destination. A place that many people are visiting. However, is this really a great place to visit, and will you have lots of things that you can do? Many people have heard about Rome, and they are wondering if this is a place that you can consider traveling to? With these top reasons why Rome is such a great place, you will know for sure that this is a place that you can visit for sure.

See the most beautiful fountains in the world

First of all, there are many beautiful fountains in the world. However, there are the most beautiful fountains in Rome. They are just huge, beautiful and some of them are really old.

If you want to make sure that you are going to see the fountains that you will not find anywhere else, then Rome is the place to go. Normally, tourists are amazed about the number of great fountains that you can find in Rome.

The perfect place for seeing great architecture

The thing that is so different from Rome, is that the architecture didn’t change a lot since decades ago. Most of their buildings are unique to Rome and it will feel like you are walking in another era. There are so many things that you should know and consider, but the architecture is the most popular reason for visiting Rome.

You even might not know which buildings new, and which buildings are hundreds of years ago.

Delicious food

When it comes to food, people think that Japan and Italy are the only places that you should visit for getting the best possible cuisine.

However, this isn’t really the truth. Rome is offering a great cuisine as well. Many people are actually surprised about how delicious Rome’s food can be. This is if you are eating at the right places in Rome.

Parks that are unique and special

Rome has parks as well. Parks that are unique and special. Many people think that Rome is just a bunch of old buildings and historical places. However, this isn’t the case. They have some great parks that you will enjoy. You need to make a point of visiting the different parks in Rome. You will not regret it for one minute.

Rome is so much more than just historical places. There are many reasons why so many tourists are visiting Rome all the time. Their food, architecture and the friendly people are all reasons why people should consider going to Rome. People have a huge misperception that Rome is just about the previous era and not the present era as well.