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About Us

     Our philosophy at Shadowbar is that all dogs deserve to be active and they deserve to be trained. German Shepherds are "quick studies." They remember both good and bad experiences so it is important that their training experience be positive and that they come to associate training as something to look forward to.

     Given that the German Shepherd Dog is one of the most, if not THE most versatile breed in the world and that their talents are very under-utilized in most pet homes, it is important that their intellect be challenged and channeled at an early age.  A bored dog is destructive dog.

     We believe that the  singularly most important thing owners must do for their dogs is to allow them to meet and greet lots of  dogs and  people outside of their property and outside of their comfortable family setting. By the time a pup has reached 20 weeks, it should have met 80 people and 50 good dogs.  The window of opportunity for socialization of pups closes as soon as 16-20 weeks in their lives and we try hard to convince others that the time to begin "training" their pups is at eight weeks, not six months when the pups' behavioural patterns are already established and they are dealing with a variety of problem issues that could easily have been avoided with some guidance from a professional trainer.

     Unsocialized dogs are 'cautious' dogs, wary of new environments, situations, and encounters. Not a good thing. They react to all these things as though they have been abused, but, in reality, their socialization has been neglected and some dogs never regain the confidence they need to be reliable around  animals and people outside of the very narrow social confines of their family. 

     At Shadowbar dogs are given the opportunity to try many different activities and to excel at the ones that interest them the most. In addition to the conformation ring, "Best Puppy in Show" and multiple group placings, our dogs are performance dogs. Over the years they have achieved  High in Class and High in Trial obedience  & rally obedience awards and have titles in flyball, scent hurdle racing, draft dog work, , herding  and agility. We even have our own dogsled!

     We no longer breed German shepherds but we can definitely help you raise and train one to be a good canine citizen. 

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