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Have a Blast at Disney Land

Posted on 15 March 2019 by admin (0)

It’s possible for the crying children, overwhelming crowds and aching feet to come between you and all the things you hope to do in Disneyland. Thanks to us, we’ve gathered some essential Disneyland tips to ensure that your visit to “the happiest place on earth.” lives up to its tagline.

Make plans prior to your visit

We aren’t saying you should plan your day to the last minute, but we want you to know there are more than fifty attractions between the two theme parks excluding shops, shops and restaurants. So, what we suggest is that you add a little bit of structure to your day.

Dress comfortably

A trip to Disneyland isn’t a fashion show. Get a pair of comfortable shoes that you won’t hate yourself for wearing in less than two hours. There is a chance of having a cool weather in the morning and after dark; carry a sweatshirt around, for the scorching afternoon sun, wear a sunhat and sunglasses,  regret eight hours later.

Pace yourself

If you plan to stay from opening staying from opening until closing, you should know Disneyland can be an exhausting 12-plus hour day. In between finding empty rides in the morning and navigating through the crowds at the end of the day, you should try to slow things down in the afternoon.

Timing is important

Here are some helpful tips for a good timing:

  • Arrive early: Lines are always short in the morning.
  • If you can stay awake for few hours more, the late showings of Fantasmic and World of Color are always less crowded.
  • Fantasyland can be way too crowded in the afternoon. If you arrive in the morning, you’ll find the shortest waits. Alternatively, you can go during a daytime parade.
  • Virtually everything is less crowded during the fireworks, excluding Fantasyland and Toon Town because they close during the show.
  • If you’re tall or not so bothered about finding the perfect spot, you shouldn’t waste more than twenty minutes lining up for a parade or Disneyland fireworks.