Shadowbar Shepherds

"May a good shepherd watch over you."

Boarding school


An opportunity to have your dog trained and exhibited in performance events while . you are holidaying or at home working.
Or.... an opportunity to book a week and stay at Shadowbar and try your own hand at training your dog.  
  •  Work twice a day with your professional coach 
  • Spend evenings touring the area taking in the great scenery that surrounds us here in the Porcupines.
  • Ten minutes to the mountains.
  • Forty minutes to Waterton National Park.
  • Take homework with you....
  • It pays.
  • High Scoring Dog in Class every show she entered.....
 Personal Assistance Dog               Performance Dog  


 High in Class and perfect score in Rally Advanced at 10 mo. old. 

                                                  Moose....... Basic Manners and Cart Readiness Training 6 mo. old