Shadowbar Shepherds

"May a good shepherd watch over you."

                                    Performance Plus

      At Shadowbar we use motivational training to get the best from our dogs. We believe that the younger a dog is, the easier it will learn something and make it a habit of the mind. So our pups begin learning obedience when they are 8 weeks old. We use a combination of Chris Bach's obedience theory and some of our own methods to work on getting pups to pay attention to us. This requires our pups to have impluse control in the face of distraction. We feel that the best success is gained when the handler is capable of controlling the environment to ensure success for the pup.  

       We also feel that the more a pup is socialized before it is 20 weeks old, the easier it is for the owner to continue to be the center of focus when a new stimulus is presented.  Our methods have produced many High In Class and High in Trial winners in our own dogs and our students' dogs as well as producing fabulous family pets and good canine citizens. 





Draft Dog Work & Obedience

We were the first kennel to apply draft work to our dogs' titles. We now have four DD dogs and the only DDX German shepherd dog in N.A.  .





                Ch. Shadowbar's Pardon My Dust,  PCD, RA, HT  HSs, (OFA H/E)

 with High in Class and High in Trial awards in rally and herding.



                            Ch. Shadowbar's Shezallthat (OFA H/E) multiple group winner.


                   Ch. Shadowbar's Slow Hand 


                    Ch. Shadowbar's Back To The Future PCD, RN CGN  


                                                         Sheep Herding

We have been interested in sheep herding forever and have attended clinics with various dogs on and off since 1986. However, it wasn't until we had to opportunity to work with Scott Glenn, who welcomed the chance to work with German Shepherds, that we were bitten by the bug. Thanks to Louanne Twa of Phantomridge, our instructor,  Mesa &  Token  have Herding  Started titles and Hunter has his Herding Tested title. 


Ch. Snowycreek's Dakota Rose, CD. CGN, RAE, HS 



      Connemara's Drummer Boy, CD. CGN. SHDMCh. RE. HS. SSD.  

Drummer is an amazing dog.   His sire is the #1 Shetland sheepdog in conformation in the USA for 2014 (Ch. Grandgables' The Frat Boy) )  



For 18 years, our dogs were part of the fast-paced action of the Spruce Meadows Prairie Dog team in agility.  In  the summer of 2000  we decided to expand our horizons to compete in both Nadac and CKC agility.
Thanks to talented dogs and the help of Amanda, Sarah, & Lorne, we have continued to do very well in this field of endeavor although it is not our priority at this time. We do teach pups to target and jump and work from both sides of the handler should we decide that we wish to do agility.

  HunterDude demanding to come along with us....


          Scent Hurdle Racing

 The shepherds at Shadowbar have enjoyed scent hurdle racing for years. After a brief sabbatical, we have returned to the sport as a member of the Due South team.   Exciting to be back in the race! In 2012, Token & Drummer both gained their SHDCh. titles.  This year Drummer has obtained his SHMCh. title.

 Thanks so much to the members of the Due South Team for making this possible.


                                            Drummer racing at Lethbridge.

Drummer will begin a Nose Work course this October and we are soooo excited.