Shadowbar Shepherds

"May a good shepherd watch over you."

                                                 Rally Obedience


At Shadowbar, we begin obedience by teaching rally obedience. All dogs can participate in rally competition. They simply need to get a registration number or a performance event number. In rally obedience there are a number of stations with signs explaining to the handler the exercise that needs to be completed at each sign. There are three levels to Rally Obedience beginning with Rally Novice, moving to Rally Adanced, and ending with Rally Excellent. 

If a person so desires, he can begin collecting pairs of passing scores to obtain an RAE title. In order to do so, the team has to gain a qualifying score in both Advanced and Excellent Rally at the same trial. Collecting 10 of these scores gives the RAE title.

                      In August of 2007, at the first ever Rally Obedience competition in Calgary Alberta, with 90 dogs competing, Token and Mesa tied for FIRST place, both with perfect scores! Token's time was less than Mesa's so she received the ribbon, but both girls gave equal performances. Thank you, Lawrence Klassen for recognizing the talent in these two dogs.

Ch.Asgoodasitgets At Mtn. High CD, RE, SHDCh, CGN      Connemara's Drummer Boy, CD, RE, SHDMCh, HSs, SSD,

Both these dogs received invitations to attend the U.S. Rally Obedience National competition at Purina Farms in Missouri in March 2015.  Castle's score was 398/400 and Drummer's score was 395/400.