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Safety Tips When You Are Touring Acapulco

Posted on 27 February 2020 by admin (0)

Acapulco is one of the favorite summer destinations of Mexican vacationers. Who doesn’t love this country? Several years after it has fallen from being a beach-destination grace, we have seen how this city is swiftly reviving. So if you are planning to visit this gem in Mexico make sure you follow these tips.

  1. The best times to visit Acapulco are April, May, October and November. The weather during these months is sunny making it very good to tour around the place or soak in its tempting white beaches.
  2. When booking a hotel, pay attention to the ratings and the things it can offer to you. Just a friendly warning, the classification of hotels in the city does not fully concur with the European standards.
  3. Be extra careful when touring around public places. Do not bring valuables as they can easily be lost. Be warned of pickpockets in markets, shopping centres, and public transports.
  4. Acapulco has been a hotspot for several high-profile shootings related to the ongoing drug battle between drug cartels and police authorities. While the tourist zones are safe, it is always wise to stay vigilant.
  5. Most of the power supply voltage in hotels around Acapulco is only up to 110V. Make sure you check your appliances if they are compatible to avoid short circuits and accidents.
  6. While the beaches in Acapulco are quite tempting this place has been known for its turbulent water. Avoid the rough surf at Playa Revolcadero and beware of rip currents. It is better to stick to the beaches in front of the hotels along the Costera since most of the beaches here have lifeguards.
  7. Make sure you purchase a special LADATEL card if you want to make international phone calls. You can use it in many phone booths around the city thereby helping you save money.