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Visit Germany Any Time of Year

Posted on 23 July 2018 by admin (0)

Hello! So, you’ve made your travel plans for your vacation in Germany, but do you have all you need to pack for this vacation? Because you’ll most likely kick yourself if you find out you didn’t pack what you’re supposed to.

This piece will be giving you a guide on the most important items to pack for your vacation. It goes without saying that you need to pack basic items like underwear, socks, and t-shirts.  The weather in Germany is subject to change as the year goes on. Also, it is important to make plans to do laundry to minimize the items you are carrying along.

If you’ll be spending your vacation in the cosmopolitan cities in Germany, then you need to include one or two collared shirts or a nice blouse; just in case you need to go out. Try as much as possible to add just a pair of shoe or two pairs at most; one for countryside adventures and the other for urban walking. We visited all of the major cities in a 10 day vacation, while celebrating our 10th year in business.  We own a small painting company in Chandler, Arizona ( and we finally were able to save enough money to take our dream vacation to Bavaria.

You don’t have to stuff your traveling bag with so many toiletries if you are not product specific, since you can purchase anything you want there, but if you’re product specific and you are skeptical about not going with your toiletries, then you can pack them along.

What to Pack to Germany in winter

The weather in Germany gets super-cold in winter. The solution to this is to pack for a cold weather journey so as to keep yourself warm. Some of the essential items to pack include: winter scarf, warm boots (non-slip soles), long sleeve shirts, hat that will cover your ears, waterproof and windproof coats, t-shirts (needed for layering), ¾ length shirt, sweater or cardigan, wool socks, pants or jeans, and long johns because you’ll need some warmth if you’ll be skiing or snowshoeing.

What to Pack to Germany in spring

You should expect snows and rain if you’ll be going to Germany in the spring. Some of the most important items you’ll need include: a windproof and waterproof jacket, t-shirts (needed for layering), long sleeve shirts, scarf, pants or jeans, a cardigan or sweater, comfortable waterproof shoes or boots, shorts, and a foldable umbrella.

What to Pack to Germany in summer

You should expect a cool summer in Germany as the temperature hardly rises beyond 82 degrees Fahrenheit. The weather in the summer is perfect enough for idling the riverwalk in Mainz or strolling to Checkpoint Charlie. The summer rain only lasts for a maximum of two hours. Summer calls for the following items: shorts, maxi dress to keep your body cool enough, a foldable umbrella, sunglasses, a comfortable pair of shoes, t-shirts, a long sleeve shirt when the cool night comes, sunscreen, a scarf to ward off the moist breeze, and a water bottle.

What to Pack to Germany in autumn

The temperature during the autumn weather seldom rises above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, this makes the day warm enough to keep you comfortable day and night. Be prepared to encounter rain and sun, so you should pack the following: pants or jeans, comfortable walking shoes, a scarf for cool days, a foldable umbrella, long sleeve shirts, t-shirts, a lightweight sweater or cardigan, a camera to capture the autumn leaves, and a warmer jacket.


Any time of year is a great time to visit Germany.